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Transition from Father to Daughter

Electro Soft, Inc has been proud to serve our clients for the last 34 years under our CEO, James Wallace. What was once a small business has now become one of the largest independent contract manufacturers in the country. Without a dedicated and hardworking team...

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Retooling and Pivoting to PPE

Since pivoting earlier this month to heed the call from front-line workers, we have been able to meet the need of face shields across three states - Missouri, New York, and Pennsylvania. A foundation reached out to us, asking if we could produce 1000 masks in order to...

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We Made Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

All over the news hospitals are pleading for PPE. Manufacturers, like Electro Soft, aren't equipped to make what they need, but we wanted to help. A video by Dr. Scott Chudnoff was brought to our attention. We learned that Einstein hospital system in Philadelphia was...

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Give Electro Soft a Try for Free

We know that finding a partner is a huge investment of time and energy. That’s why we’re willing to build your first assembly on us.
That’s right: A free build for your inspection and approval. You just supply the material; we’ll do the labor at no charge.

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