How long has Electro Soft been in business?
We were founded in 1986, so we have more than 30 years of experience.
What about your employees?
Most of our staff has been with us for at least 10 years — some even longer. We have very little turnover. What’s more, we provide regular training to reinforce and strengthen their skillset, and we cover the financial burden for all certifications.
What if I need help with a product?
Don’t worry — on-staff engineering support is available.
What are some of your capabilities?
We have RoHS and leaded wave soldering areas. We’re able to wave boards with the maximum dimensions of:  20″ x 20″ (SMT) and 20′ x 30″ (through-hole). We’re an ESD facility, offering protection for your sensitive assemblies. Our PCB area features double-sided capacities.
I don’t have the budget to maintain a large inventory. Can you help?
Of course! We can establish a Just-In-Time partnership, sending finished assemblies according to your schedule.
How can you save me money?
We have competitive purchasing agreements with major authorized distributors of the industry’s top brands, and we pass those savings on to our clients.  In addition, our staff specializes in assembly.  The learning curve is steeper, thus cutting assembly time and labor cost.
I need a product that’s ready to go, right out of the box. Can you accommodate that?
Turnkey is our specialty. We can purchase materials we don’t have in our inventory, manufacture the product and then ship it direct to customers anywhere in the world.
What if I need a large order of a product?
No problem – we offer batch manufacturing.
Can you accommodate revisions to a product once you’ve started working on it?
Yes — we’re very flexible and can make the changes and revisions you need to assemblies and prints.
My product will be used in in a very hot (or very cold) environment. How do I know what you build is going to work?
We offer programmable environmental test chambers with temperatures ranging from -40 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.
Can you test the products you build?
Absolutely. We’re able to perform functional testing and have a rigid quality control system.
What is your inventory system like?
We have a dedicated and experienced inventory management team, utilizing a fully integrated MRP system that’s connected to all functions from receiving, manufacturing, shipping and invoicing.
What are your certifications?
We have quite a few: ISO 9001:2015; J-STD; IPC-610; ANSI/ESD S20.20 … for a complete list, go to our Certifications and Registrations page.
Are you environmentally friendly?
We do our best. We have RoHS (lead free) soldering capability, use earth-friendly solvents and fluxes to minimize environmental impact, and dispose of all chemicals and waste responsibly.
Do you give back to the community?
Yes, in many ways. We sponsor youth sports teams; open our doors for Manufacturing Day; and maintain memberships in the American Legion; Surface Mount Technology Association; Minority Supplier Development Council; and South East Region Workforce Development Partnership.
Can I drop by during the manufacturing process?
Certainly — we welcome you! We want you to think of our facility as an extension of yours.  At any point in time, you are welcome to visit, unannounced.  We want all our clients to feel assured at all points in the manufacturing process. We have nothing to hide — simply drop by.
Do you work on prototypes?
You bet. Throughout our history, we have been the manufacturing solutions provider for many companies looking to develop their first iteration of a product. We have helped companies save money by making subtle design changes, cutting both cost and significant manufacturing time. This allowed the companies to increase revenue. Our vast knowledge base is always available throughout the process, beginning with the first meeting. Our engineer and quality manager will sit with you and review ways to enhance your product, differentiating Electro Soft from most manufacturers.  We also have the ability to build from your blueprints or schematics.
What types of equipment/machines does Electro Soft have?

We have a full spectrum of equipment and machinery at Electro Soft, allowing us the ability to cut production time through the use of automation. Some of equipment includes:

  • AMP-O-LECTRIC K-Press Terminating Machine
  • Ungar SM 1000 Printed Circuit Board Service Center for Desoldering
  • Eubanks Wire Stripping and Cutting
  • (2) Quad IIC
  • Quad Screen Printer
  • APS Novastar LLC 2000 HT Horizontal Convection Reflow Oven
  • DDM Novastar 3 Phase Lead Free Wave Soldering System
  • Molex Universal Press
  • Panduit Cable Tie Wrap Gun
  • Technical Devices Nu/Era Wave Soldering System
  • Nordson YESTECH BX AOI

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