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Electro Soft, Inc. has excellent turnaround. It consistently takes them 1/3rd of the time of my other suppliers.
JBT Corporation, formally FMC Technologies

Electro Soft has an outstanding ability to understand my needs and Jim demands to have it done right the first time and it is.
Analytical Technology, Incorporated (ATI)

L-3 SPDES has been doing business with Electro Soft since 2006. With the exception of general start up issues, their quality and on-time delivery rating has been greater than 97%. This has led them to receive our Outstanding Supplier Award for 2015.
L-3 SPD Electrical Systems

We have had a long working relationship with Electro Soft that has been a good fit for both of us. They have met our requirements in doing prototypes and in production processes. They are professional and very personable to work with. I have great communications with many of the people over there that I deal with.  Jim, Karla and Zach are my main contacts and have been able to help me with whatever I need from them in a very timely manner Their quality and on-time delivery is exceptional.

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