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PCB Assembly Outsourcing

Let Electro Soft be your outsource provider for printed circuit board assemblies.

PCB printed circuit board, ISO 9001:2008, leaded, RoHS, Thru-Hole, Surface Mount Technology (SMT), Mixed Technology

Through-hole RoHS PCB Assemblies

Electro Soft, Inc.’s PCB (printed circuit board) assembly group is equipped to handle simple to sophisticated; prototype to volume; short to long-term assembly projects.

Our ISO 9001:2015 certified organization has the ability to assemble Thru-Hole, Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and Mixed Technology boards by hand or using automation, depending on volume. We’re able to wave boards with maximum dimensions of 20″ x 20″ (SMT)  and 20′ x 30″ (Thru-Hole). Whether you want to supply the material or utilize a turnkey option, we have the ability and agility to meet your organization’s needs. 

Electro Soft is ANSI/ESD S20.20 certified. We operate in an Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) controlled environment and utilize antistatic products to guard against damage. We offer conformal coating services utilizing Ultra-Violet (UV) tracers to aid in the inspection process and both led and RoHS wave soldering.


Electro Soft has met our requirements in doing prototypes and in production processes. They are professional and very personable to work with. I have great communications with many of the people over there that I deal with. Their quality and on-time delivery is exceptional.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly Options


We supply both material and labor

PCB Assembly printed circuit board

Send us your bill of material, drawings or schematics.  We will obtain competitive pricing through our network of authorized distributors, then provide you with a fixed-firm price for the entire assembly, including labor.


You supply all material

PCB Assembly printed circuit board

Send us your bill of material, drawings or schematics and we can provide a labor-only quotation for your PCB Assembly. At the end of the project, we will return all unused material.

Partial Consignment

You supply specific parts

PCB assembly printed circuit board

Send us your bill of material, indicating which items you will be supplying. We will obtain competitive pricing for the balance through our authorized distributor, then send you a fixed-firm price for the complete assembly.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly Solutions

– Provide Economies of Scale Turn-Key Options – Companies have turned to us as their outsource manufacturing resource for over twenty years.  We transform bills of material into finished product, allowing our customers to focus on their core competencies.

– Lead-free (RoHS) or Leaded Printed Circuit Board Assemblies – At Electro Soft, Incorporated, we offer both lead and lead-free PCB assembly services.  Our PCB manufacturing area is divided into two separate sections with separate tools, sinks and irons to avoid cross-contamination.

– Single Source of Vertically Integrated Services and Solutions – Our purchasing agreements and buying power allow us to offer a turnkey solution for PCB Assembly services.  Using your bill of material, we work with our suppliers to source all parts required for assembly, on-time and at a lower cost. 

– IPC-A-610-1, -2, -3 Classification, as Required – Our operators are trained and certified to the IPC-A-610 standard, assuring that your product meets high quality standards.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services

– Provide Upgrade / Transition Solutions for Obsolete Component Issues – Electro Soft is experienced in identifying solutions for obsolete components.  Utilizing our international supplier base, we are able to source stock which is unavailable to the public.

– Implement and Document ECN / ECO Requirements – As new projects develop, we recognize the need for changes during the manufacturing process.  We are agile and flexible in our ability to adapt to your engineering changes quickly.

– Provide Bill of Material (BOM) Auditing and Suggest Cost Reduction Solutions – Aside efficient manufacturing processes, Electro Soft can save your company money by identifying expensive material and offering cost-effective solutions.

– Implement Security Procedures to Protect Customer’s Proprietary Technologies – Our customers rely upon our discretion.  From the United States Department of Defense to some of the most well-known businesses in industry, we take serious the protection of your proprietary information.

Give Electro Soft a Try for Free

We know that finding a partner is a huge investment of time and energy. That’s why we’re willing to build your first assembly on us.
That’s right: A free build for your inspection and approval. You just supply the material; we’ll do the labor at no charge.

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