Custom Electronics. American Built.


Turnkey / Out of The Box

We transform bills of material into finished product, allowing our customers to focus on their core competencies.


work process

Batch Manufacturing

We accommodate no-minimum prototypes and large orders, maintaining records and revisions on every batch.


Just-In-Time Fulfillment

We focus on meeting and communicating on your delivery schedule.


Assembled in the USA

Backed by reliable supply chain partnerships, we proudly assemble everything locally in Pennsylvania.

The Benefits of Manufacturing in the US

Sending custom electronics assembly projects overseas has been rife with issues, especially in recent years. Due to recurring supply chain delays, substandard quality, and excess carbon emissions, many are turning their attention back to domestic manufacturing and exploring reshoring.

When you partner with Electro Soft, you’ll be able to take advantage of well-established vendor partnerships and our trusted strategic consultation.

Learn About Reshoring
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One of the longest-standing onshore electronics contract manufacturers serving the Philadelphia Tri-State Area and beyond.

For 35+ years, we’ve been building high-quality electronics assemblies for aviation, rail, transit, OEM, AGV, and defense industries in the USA.

Distribution Partnerships and Supply Chain Reliability

We partner with local and national technology companies as distribution partners for equipment releases to expand reach and offerings. With well-established relationships with vendors down the supply chain, we’re able to get what we need to complete your custom project quickly, and in turn, deliver your final products to you without delay.

American-Manufactured, Never Outsourced

In August 2022, legislation was signed with the intent to revitalize the US electronics industry. With 75% of all semiconductor manufacturing being developed in Asia, there’s now an incentivized push to bring chip manufacturing back to the US as quickly as possible.

Backed by $332 billion, the CHIPS Act will fund grants, research investments, and tax credits to support electronics manufacturing reshoring efforts.

Development of Skilled Labor

You can bank on our experience and training. We provide our staff and assemblers with regular training and ensure we uphold the necessary certifications to reinforce and strength their skill sets. Our highly tenured team focuses on continued education opportunities to maintain the highest standard of quality and cutting-edge precision in our manufacturing and processes.

Nordson Automated Optical Inspection

In 2019, we incorporated AOI systems into our printed circuit board division to improve efficiency and accuracy while remaining cost-competitive. AOI PCB systems are essential in PCB production because they perform fast, repeatable, and accurate inspections, find and identify defects before in-circuit or final testing, reduce production costs and improve quality.

Environmental Impact

The environmental impact of overseas container shipping is astronomical. When you choose US-based manufacturing, you’re making a conscience decision for the betterment of our planet.

We Provide Repair, Rework, and Upgrade Solutions

Your product is 100% tested. We perform functional testing on each item in every batch we produce for you for guaranteed high-quality solutions.

Safety and Compliance

Our PCB manufacturing area is divided into two separate sections with separate tools, sinks, and irons to avoid cross-contamination.Our PCB area features double-sided capacities

Component Sourcing and Solutions

Electro Soft is experienced in identifying solutions for obsolete components.  Utilizing our international supplier base, we are able to source stock that is unavailable to the public.

Our Equipment and Technology

We rely on state-of-the-art technology to continue to provide exceptional and consistent service and products. We offer RoHS and leaded wave soldering areas, and we’re able to wave boards with the maximum dimensions of:  20″ x 20″ (SMT) and 20″ x 30″ (through-hole).

We’re an ESD facility and take electrostatic discharge extremely seriously, we understand that offering protection for your sensitive assemblies is critical. Our production staff wears ESD jackets and heel straps while working in Electrostatic Discharge Protected Areas (EPA). We follow the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) direction on ESD safety. Electro Soft has been ESD Floor Tested and certified per ANSI/ESD S20.20.



Advanced and Integrated Inventory Management.

We have a dedicated and experienced inventory management team, utilizing a fully integrated MRP system that’s connected to all functions from receiving, manufacturing, shipping, and invoicing.

My product will be used in a very hot (or very cold) environment. How do I know what you build is going to work?

We offer programmable environmental test chambers with temperatures ranging from -40 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Are you environmentally friendly?

We do our best. We have RoHS (lead free) soldering capability, use earth-friendly solvents and fluxes to minimize environmental impact, and dispose of all chemicals and waste responsibly.

Do you work on prototypes?

You bet. Throughout our history, we have been the manufacturing solutions provider for many companies looking to develop their first iteration of a product. We have helped companies save money by making subtle design changes, cutting both cost and significant manufacturing time. This allowed the companies to increase revenue. Our vast knowledge base is always available throughout the process, beginning with the first meeting. Our engineer and quality manager will sit with you and review ways to enhance your product, differentiating Electro Soft from most manufacturers. We also have the ability to build from your blueprints or schematics.

Connect with an Expert

Considering a new build or looking for support in your reshoring strategy? Find a contract partner you can trust. Lean on our 35+ years of expertise in US-based electronics manufacturing. With thousands of projects for literally hundreds of companies under our belt, we are confident that we can help bring your manufacturing project to fruition. Connect with us!