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About Electro Soft


Electro Soft is an American company with 35 years of experience creating custom electronics manufacturing solutions for clients in aviation, rail, transit, OEM, and defense. We build custom wiring harnesses, cable assemblies, printed circuit boards (PCBs), cabinet assembly, and more.

  • Over the past ten years, we’ve become one of the largest independent manufacturers of our kind in the local market. We have the experience and reach to competitively position your company in today's market
  • Our partnerships always include on-staff engineering support, flexible run sizes, ISO 9001 certification, and Just-In-Time delivery


Our custom manufacturing expertise includes:

Key Industries








Turnkey / Out of the Box

We transform bills of material into finished product, allowing our customers to focus on their core competencies.

work process

Batch Manufacturing

We accommodate no-minimum prototypes and large orders, maintaining records and revisions on every batch.


Just-In-Time Fulfillment

We focus on meeting and communicating on your delivery schedule.


Other Manufacturing

We support enhancements for your project and can build from your blueprints or schematics.

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