Our History

30-Plus Years of Electronics Contract Manufacturing

Electro Soft, Inc. (ESI) was founded by Jim and Sheila Wallace in 1986 and operates out of its offices located at 113 Keystone Drive, Montgomeryville Pennsylvania, USA. In the words of Mr. Wallace they are in the business of providing “Manufacturing Solutions”.

veteran owned electronics manufacturing

Learn the “Electro Soft Story” From James T. Wallace, Founder, President and CEO

ESI has the ability to not only assemble, but supply industrial electronic components for assembly services. The Company’s aim is to capitalize on an array of opportunities in order to expand its niche. ESI has already installed and improved the efficiency of its operations and is in the process of evaluating the cost and profitability of each product. With profitability as its major consideration, the Company is expanding its sales in strategic areas such as lead-free or RoHS assembly.

ESI is one of the largest independent contract manufacturers for Circuit Boards and Wire Harnesses in its market area with an operating history of over twenty-nine years.  The Company is successful and continues to grow. ESI occupies over 16,000 square feet of office and warehouse space.

Even in this current economic climate, ESI continues to be profitable and financially stable. The opportunity to grow at a minimum rate of five to ten percent is excellent. Because of this fact, ESI will be seeking to acquire capital funding to continue its expansion. The Company’s focused strategy to provide quality and service at competitive prices, yet profitable rates, has effectively positioned ESI to meet or exceed its Client’s expectations. Value, quality and service summarize ESI and are the fundamental force behind historical and future growth.

ESI is dedicated to the creation and demonstration of linked component products lines, quality and service. The Company strives for the very best in all three areas and is also dedicated to operating on a sound financial basis of profitability, growth and increasing overall value. This philosophy translates to a mission statement as follows:

Company Vision

To be recognized as the leader in the Philadelphia Tri-State area for Electrical and Mechanical Contract Manufacturing.  We will specifically focus in the areas of: Electronic Components; Assembly services for Wave and Surface Mount Soldering of Circuit Boards; and Manufacturing of Wire Harnesses, Cable Assemblies, and Panel Assemblies.  With this as our specific focus, we will implement the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in every facet of our business.

ELECTRO SOFT, INC is committed to providing quality on-time deliveries and exceptional service to our customers.
We will strive to continually improve our processes and services to ensure ongoing customer satisfaction.

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