Sourcing AGV Components: 3 Reasons to Rely on Electronics Manufacturing Partners


The Question of AGV Component Sourcing 

There are extensive reasons why OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) would choose to partner with a contract manufacturer for AGV components. Maybe circuit boards, cables, and wire harnesses aren’t your expertise. Maybe you have inhouse knowledge, but you don’t have the capacity or equipment needed to execute. Or maybe you’ve started inhouse, run into issues, and you just don’t have margin, bandwidth, or expertise to troubleshoot while meeting project timelines.  

Whatever the reason, sourcing always comes into question. Which route is better: supply all parts yourself or rely on your electronics manufacturing partner? While some situations could call for a different approach, most of the time, we advocate for fully relying on your manufacturing partner, who you already trust for assembly and testing. Here’s why. 


3 Reasons Why An Electronics Manufacturer Should Source Your AGV Components 

1. Electronics manufacturers can get quality products at a competitive price. 

Unless your company has an established supply chain in the electronics component sector and substantial buying power, it is usually in your best interest to leave all purchasing to your electronics manufacturing partner. An experienced electronics manufacturer will not settle for inferior parts from subpar suppliers because their business relies on the superiority of the products they deliver.  

One of the benefits of choosing to outsource your AGV components is the added layer of quality control that comes from the long-standing supply chain agreements that electronics manufactures enjoy. As an OEM, you reap the rewards of lower cost per unit, accurate project forecasting, quality assurance, and time saved. 


2. Supplying your own AGV component parts increases your risk. 

In theory, supplying your own parts would seem to bring control or security over your project. However, it could lead to a mountain of issues. (We know because we’ve seen it.)  

If electronics manufacturing isn’t your bread and butter, the parts you obtain could be incorrect, damaged, or even obsolete. You likely won’t realize this until you’ve handed the raw material over to your manufacturing partner. If that happens, substantial money and time is wasted, landing you back at square one. Plus, you’re now needlessly the go-between supplier and manufacturer.  

You’ve undoubtedly done your due diligence when choosing someone to help on your autonomous vehicle projects, so let us share what we’ve learned over decades in the industry with you. When you choose to outsource your AGV components to a partner like Electro Soft, you can take advantage of our expertise. Bring your drawings and let’s discuss where we could save you money – whether in design modifications or in parts sourcing.  


3. AGV component parts ordered from a catalog may be outdated. 

Many OEM engineers use catalogs for quick reference. However, in a fast-paced and evolving space like automated guided vehicles, catalog suggestions can quickly become outdated. There’s nothing worse than ordering all the components for a forward-thinking autonomous vehicle concept to discover you’re already behind the times.  

At Electro Soft, we’ve been partnered with a progressive AGV manufacturer for over 20 years. This partnership, among others, has kept us at the forefront of the latest AGV technology. Equipped with this knowledge, you can rely on us to make the latest recommendations for your AGVs boards, cables, wire harnesses, and power supplies.    


Let’s Get Started 

Do you have an AGV project in the pipeline? Bring your drawings and specs, and let’s start a conversation about how Electro Soft can add value to your plans. There’s value in working with a partner who has tenured experience in the AGV industry and overcome challenges before.  


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