We Made Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

All over the news hospitals are pleading for PPE. Manufacturers, like Electro Soft, aren’t equipped to make what they need, but we wanted to help.

A video by Dr. Scott Chudnoff was brought to our attention. We learned that Einstein hospital system in Philadelphia was accepting homemade products, so we went to work to make protective face shields.

Stamford Health, where Dr. Chudnoff works, does not endorse this video, but it will help so many people


We purchased all of the items listed and modified the lengths of the weatherstrip and ribbon in order to fit larger heads. In about an hour, four people were able to cut, punch, and fully assemble 100 protective face shields which will be sent via UPS this evening to the hospital.



Sometimes you have to jump in, retool, and execute. That is the beauty of being a small business. Let us know how we can help your company.