An awesome turnout for Manufacturing Day 2017

manufacturing day 2017 demonstration by James Wallce
Electro Soft Inc. Founder and President James Wallace talks about some of the custom electronics components that the company creates.


Manufacturing Day 2017 at Electro Soft
Electro Soft Executive Vice President Karla Trotman gives a demonstration during Manufacturing Day 2017.

Manufacturing Day 2017 at Electro Soft was a big success! The annual event allows us to open our doors to the community, and this year the turnout was fantastic. More than 50 people from various local companies visited us on Friday, Oct. 6. We’d originally planned three tours, but because so many people expressed interest, we added a fourth to accommodate them.

“In past years we have seen fewer than 10 people come through the doors for Manufacturing Day. I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was such an interest in manufacturing this year,” said Electro Soft Executive Vice President Karla Trotman.

Among our visitors were children from The Anderson School in Audubon, Pa.  Many of them had an interest in building computers, and we were impressed that they knew quite a lot about lead-free (ROHS) manufacturing.

We were also pleased that mechanical engineers from an area business took the time to visit us, and saw the potential for various projects in which Electro Soft could partner with them, helping them with their design to market turnaround time.

It’s exciting that so many of our visitors left with the knowledge that manufacturing not only still exists in the U.S., but is thriving. We’re already thinking about Manufacturing Day 2018, which will be held on Oct. 5 — we hope to see you next year!