Category: Cable Assembly

Ling Retires After 26 Years at Electro Soft

The company recently celebrated the retirement of one of our best and longest employed staff members, Ling. A senior member of the cable assembly department, Ling was known for her attention to detail and her ability to assemble the most complicated cable assemblies for military and industrial clients. Ling was known for keeping meticulous notes […]

Electronics Component Christmas Tree

Our office Christmas tree is up!  Last year we started adding electronics components to the tree to celebrate the work that we do.  This year we added even more – Bourns potentiometers, Weidmuller parts, hardware, Amp/Tyco lugs, 3M ribbon cable, Alpha wire and more.  The goal was to recycle and reuse parts in our stock, […]

Electro Soft’s Connection To The Super Bowl

Next week, Super Bowl 50 will be held in the San Francisco Bay area at Levi’s Stadium.  (Note, did you notice that the NFL departed from the roman numerals and decided to use “50” as opposed to roman numeral “L?”)  Millions of viewers are expected to tune in to watch the Carolina Panthers take on […]

Who We Are- video

We know that there are a lot of electronics contract manufacturers out there. Sometimes buyers aren’t exactly sure what they are looking for. So we decided to inject the human side of our business, let you know who we are. Words on a page say a lot, but our video takes it to a whole […]

Electronics Contract Manufacturing – December WIP

We are almost done with 2012.  This was a great year for Electro Soft, Incorporated.  The year is not done yet, we still have many projects on the books for the month.  Here are a few of them: UPS Cable – Uninterrupted Power Supply Cable   This particular cable plugs into a battery on one […]

November Electronics Contract Manufacturing Projects

Even thought we have been in business for over 25 years, ESI is always working on some incredible projects.  Here are a few that are currently in process: Have you ever wondered how traffic lights work?  This bad boy is the brain behind it all.  It’s an electromechanical assembly that gets installed into a traffic […]