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We Made Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

All over the news hospitals are pleading for PPE. Manufacturers, like Electro Soft, aren’t equipped to make what they need, but we wanted to help. A video by Dr. Scott Chudnoff was brought to our attention. We learned that Einstein hospital system in Philadelphia was accepting homemade products, so we went to work to make […]

As Defense Industry Spending Ramps Up, Manufacturers Must Avoid Cost Overruns

  Earlier this year, Congress approved a $700 billion military budget, increasing defense industry spending by $160 billion. A sizeable portion of the budget will go toward modernizing the Army — not only with brand-new weapons, but with upgrades to existing systems, too. Among the windfalls for the Army will be new Apache, Black Hawk, […]

Autonomous Vehicles: The Future of U.S. Industry

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the phrase “autonomous vehicles”? Chances are, your mind conjured up a vision of a futuristic car gliding along a highway while the occupants — maybe you — sat back and read a book, watched a movie, or got caught up on work. What you probably […]

Will Foxconn investment pay off for the United States?

Foxconn, the world’s largest electronics contract manufacturer (ECM) and the largest private employer in China, is building a manufacturing facility in America’s heartland. If you have never heard of them, chances are you’ve seen their work: The company has built many of the electronics in your home or office. Their clients include Apple, Amazon, Dell, […]

Our Infographic Christmas Card

This year we decided that the proverbial corporate Christmas card was not going to work for us.  Instead, we opted for an infographic Christmas card.  It’s a personalized way to reach out to our customers and really let them know who we are as a company.  What do you think?

Customer Service in the Industrial Marketplace

My background is in Supply Chain Logistics. From time to time our projects swell to a point where I am asked to pitch in on the purchasing duties. Now that the industrial marketplace has caught up to the rest of the world, buying has never been easier. No more are the days of sending an […]