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As Defense Industry Spending Ramps Up, Manufacturers Must Avoid Cost Overruns

  Earlier this year, Congress approved a $700 billion military budget, increasing defense industry spending by $160 billion. A sizeable portion of the budget will go toward modernizing the Army — not only with brand-new weapons, but with upgrades to existing systems, too. Among the windfalls for the Army will be new Apache, Black Hawk, […]

An awesome turnout for Manufacturing Day 2017

  Manufacturing Day 2017 at Electro Soft was a big success! The annual event allows us to open our doors to the community, and this year the turnout was fantastic. More than 50 people from various local companies visited us on Friday, Oct. 6. We’d originally planned three tours, but because so many people expressed […]

Electrostatic Discharge: Sources, Dangers, and Solutions

For an updated version of this blog, please read Electrostatic Discharge 101. We’ve all been zapped by static electricity — the common term for electrostatic discharge — after walking across a carpet and reaching for the door handle or a light switch. But if that were to happen in our manufacturing facility here at Electro […]

Electro Soft’s Connection To The Super Bowl

Next week, Super Bowl 50 will be held in the San Francisco Bay area at Levi’s Stadium.  (Note, did you notice that the NFL departed from the roman numerals and decided to use “50” as opposed to roman numeral “L?”)  Millions of viewers are expected to tune in to watch the Carolina Panthers take on […]