Avoiding Scope Creep: How an Electronics Manufacturing Partner’s Supply Chain Can Help

How An Electronics Manufacturing Partner’s Supply Chain Benefits You


The importance of supplier relations when avoiding scope creep

If you’re used to the stresses of handling electronics manufacturing projects in-house or sourcing your own parts for assembly, it can feel like a reprieve when you hand a new or backlogged project over to an electronics contract manufacturer. But before you breathe that deep sigh of relief, it’s best to do your homework not only on your new manufacturing partner but their supply chain resources as well.

Why? Because that company’s supply chain can have the biggest impact on the delivery date and cost of the overall project. By asking simple questions regarding domestic and international sourcing timelines, stock on hand, turnaround times, and third-party outsourcing you will get a clear picture of how your potential manufacturing partner will handle your project from start to finish.

What is scope creep?

We’ve all heard of scope creep. But what is it? Scope creep is any aspect of a project that extends beyond the originally agreed-upon terms. This can be an addition to the overall product, a change in direction of the project (usual for its betterment), delays in production or shipping, increased expenses, and the like. And these changes can originate from a buyer or the manufacturer.

A quality, veteran electronics manufacturer will put safeguards in place to reduce or eliminate scope creep as much as possible from their end—protecting your budget and your timeline. One of the best resources in a manufacturer’s pocket when it comes to project management is a robust, reliable supply chain for parts procurement. Ensuring your electronics manufacturing partner has reputable, dependable vendors in place is a major component to avoiding scope creep.

How does a trusted supply chain reduce scope creep?


Established relationships

A seasoned electronics manufacturer will have long-standing relationships with vendors across the supply chain. These existing connections allow your projects to get to production faster, without the delays of starting a sourcing agreement from scratch. With supply contracts already in place, you receive the added benefits of lower costs, checks on quality control, accurate timeline projections, and repeatable on-time delivery.

Quality Control

Electronics manufacturers become known for their meticulous processes, their attention to detail, and the superiority of their finished products. To build custom electronics assemblies across industries, you need top-quality components. An experienced electronics manufacturer will not settle for inferior parts from subpar suppliers. As the client, you benefit from this added layer of quality control. When you do your due diligence on a reputable electronics manufacturing partner, not only can you bank on their excellence but the quality of parts they source to make your product.

Accurate Forecasting

When an established supply chain is in place, project managers can forecast accurate timelines. After sourcing components for thousands of projects, manufacturers can rely on their supply chain to deliver parts on schedule and even expedite when needed. If a vendor is unable to deliver due to unexpected circumstances, a manufacturer with a robust, agile supply chain can quickly pivot to a different dealer, keeping your project on track and on budget.

Lowers Cost

The greatest benefit passed along to you is a lower cost per unit. An electronics manufacturer, like a wholesaler, has access to reduced prices on supplies because of the amount they order. When you partner with a veteran electronics manufacturer not only will you benefit from a lower price point, but you’ll benefit from their engineering knowledge as well. Tenured engineers are experts at suggesting design modifications that can save you money and improve your profit margins. With reduced component pricing and creative cost-savings know-how, your project will not be affected by budget scope creep. Curious what the cost difference between building or buying your upcoming or backlogged electronics assembly looks like? Check our Calculator here.

Next Steps

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