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Our Infographic Christmas Card

This year we decided that the proverbial corporate Christmas card was not going to work for us.  Instead, we opted for an infographic Christmas card.  It’s a personalized way to reach out to our customers and really let them know who we are as a company.  What do you think?

Customer Service in the Industrial Marketplace

My background is in Supply Chain Logistics. From time to time our projects swell to a point where I am asked to pitch in on the purchasing duties. Now that the industrial marketplace has caught up to the rest of the world, buying has never been easier. No more are the days of sending an […]

Dramatic Changes In Overseas Contract Manufacturing

Foxconn, a contract manufacturing company located in Shenzhen, China has been all over the headlines lately.  A cursory review or several news sources reviled that eleven employees have committed suicide at the world’s largest electronics contract manufacturing firm.  The name Foxconn might not ring a bell, but I’m sure the companies Apple, Dell, Nokia and […]

RoHS and Contract Manufacturing

On the purchasing scene, I constantly see options for RoHS products.  There is a slight shift towards contract manufacturers becoming RoHS compliant here in the US, so I decided to look at the nature behind this movement and to see whether or not it is something that Electro Soft, Incorporated should pursue. What does RoHS […]