ESI Lighting Upgrade


Thanks to an energy grant from the State of Pennsylvania, Electro Soft, Incorporated will be upgrading our lighting fixtures. Currently we are using old 8 foot flurescent lighting fixtures that are over 10 years old (at least). While the current lights still work well, LED provides better coverage at a lower price.

Electro Soft, Incorporated
Current Lighting Fixtures
As you can see, the lights are hung at approximately 6 feet from the ground for proper illumination.  Prior to making the upgrad decision, we had some lights installed on the production floor, over the PC board assembly line.  Here is what they look like:
LED lights ESI tested for a few months
What a difference they made.  Its hard to tell from the photo, but the lights are actually mounted on the beams…20+ feet in the air.  So that means no tall visitors bumping their heads on random lighting fixtures.  It also means that the production floor with have a very clean aerial view. 
We are excited about these changes and Jim is excited about saving money!