Future Electrical Engineer

Rockwell Wright

During the month of May, we hosted a student from Upper Dublin High School who was interested in learning more about electrical engineering.  Rockwell, better known as “Rocky” spent three weeks, 6-hours per day, working on the manufacturing side of electrical engineering.  The goal was to teach him how engineering drawings are interpreted in a manufacturing environment.  Rocky was able to see first-hand the types of engineering mistakes that are costly in a manufacturing environment.  Right away he was able to see how part orientation and drawing notes are integral to a smooth manufacturing process.

Rocky picked up the manufacturing aspect rather quickly, so we extended an offer for him to work in the electromechanical assembly area before he heading off to college this fall.

At Electro Soft, we hope to continue to inspire the next generation of engineers and manufacturing professionals.  If you know of a student looking to receive hands on experience, please let us know.



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