Join us next Friday for Manufacturing Day 2018

It’s almost time for Manufacturing Day 2018, and we hope you’ll join us on Friday, Oct. 5th as we open up Electro Soft’s doors to inspire the next generation of manufacturers.

We’ll be hosting three tours throughout the day: 10 a.m., 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Each tour will be the same, is open to adults and students alike, and we’ll be covering the following topics:

  • What is electronics contract manufacturing?
  • What role does electrical engineering play in the business?
  • How we can build ANY benchtop electronics product to provided specifications.
  • How you can be successful working in small business.

This is the sixth-annual manufacturing day, which aims to show “students, parents, educators and their communities what is really happening in modern manufacturing.” Manufacturing Day was founded in 2012 to address a growing problem: Although Americans recognize the importance of the manufacturing industry, they don’t have a positive impression of current manufacturing jobs.

Furthermore, many Americans think electronics manufacturing is done only overseas — a perception we want to change, since we’re doing cutting-edge manufacturing work right outside Philadelphia! For example, we’re:

Keeping our manufacturing jobs here in the U.S. is all the more reason to buy American the next time you’re considering a product. And speaking of jobs, did you know that a recent Deloitte survey found that one-third of Americans wouldn’t encourage their children to pursue a manufacturing career because they had concerns about job security, a weak career path, and poor pay?

Yet the facts prove otherwise. Statistics show:

  • The average tenure of workers in the manufacturing industry is highest among all private sector industries at 9.1 years. The industry also has one of the lowest employee turnover rates (2.3 percent) among all private-sector jobs. (At Electro Soft, the majority of our team members have been with us for a decade or more!)
  • Modern manufacturing jobs require sophisticated technical and problem-solving skills. As many senior-level Baby Boomers retire, more job openings are appearing for highly skilled, high-tech positions, as well as in leadership positions.
  • The average manufacturing worker in the U.S. earns almost more than $20,000 above the average employee working in other industries. The path to success isn’t limited to those with a high-priced college degree!

“We’re always excited for Manufacturing Day,” says Electro Soft Executive Vice President Karla Trotman. “It’s our opportunity to show our neighbors what we do in their backyards, and our chance to show students from area schools that they don’t necessarily have to learn how to code or pursue a PhD in order to have a rewarding career.”

Last year, an estimated 225,000 students attended Manufacturing Day events across America. Here at Electro Soft, we hosted more than 50 people and had to add a fourth tour to accommodate everyone. We’re hoping to surpass that this year.

For more information on the tour, contact Electro Soft Executive Vice President Karla Trotman at or 215-654-0701.

To register, go to the Manufacturing Day registration page and complete the form. Be sure to indicate which time slot you’d like to attend.

If you can’t make it, don’t worry — we’ll be happy to send you a free 3D viewer so that you can take a virtual, immersive tour of our facility. Just fill out the form at this link.

Hope to see you next Friday!