Meet Johnny, an assembler who’s been with us for 10 years

We’re proud of our employees and do all we can to support training to reinforce their skillsets. We treat them like family, something our retention rate proves: Most of our highly experienced team has been with us for a decade or more.

A picture of Johnny, one of our employees, getting an award. We're proud of our employee retention rate.
Johnny accepts the Annual President’s Quality Award from Electro Soft Inc. founder James Wallace in 2016. It was Johnny’s second — he also won in 2010.

Trustiny “Johnny” Khoeum, an assembler, recently celebrated 10 years at Electro Soft, Inc. Johnny, who grew up in Northeast Philadelphia, is a two-time winner of Electro Soft’s Annual President’s Quality Award. His first was in 2010; the second in 2016. Each year, the supervisors and top management put forth names of those who exhibited dedication and a commitment to top quality.

He recently sat down with Executive Vice President Karla Trotman to talk about his journey. Here are some of the highlights of their conversation:

Karla: How did you come to work for Electro Soft?

Johnny: My mom worked here. She said that there were positions open.

Karla: So had you worked in electronics before? Or manufacturing?

Johnny: I never worked in electronics. I worked on an assembly line before coming here, did machine set up for a cleaning supplies company. It was a temp job.

Karla: Then you came here and learned all about electronics. Are you surprised by the fact that you have been here for 10 years?

Johnny: Time flies.

Karla: So what do you like about what you do?

Johnny: I like building things. When I started off I thought it was interesting.

Karla: So what was the most interesting thing you have built so far?

Johnny: Hmm, I don’t know … but I do know the funniest. A harness assembly for a chicken poop burner.

Karla: How do you explain your job to people?

Johnny: I do everything that has to do with wire [laughs].

Karla: I think that you play down all that you do. You are a trainer, you build complex assemblies, electromechanical assemblies, enclosures, wire harnesses and more!

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