November Electronics Contract Manufacturing Projects

Even thought we have been in business for over 25 years, ESI is always working on some incredible projects.  Here are a few that are currently in process:

Have you ever wondered how traffic lights work?  This bad boy is the brain behind it all.  It’s an electromechanical assembly that gets installed into a traffic light control box on every corner.  Electro Soft, Incorporated does all of the wiring and this particular company sends their technicians out into the field to install.  The next time you are at a traffic light, look for the silver control boxes at one of the corners.  More than likely it was ESI manufactured.

traffic light wiringelectro-mechanical assembly

Sometimes we do work that requires wiring and pc board assembly.  This job is for a company that manufactures Thermoelectric Air Conditioners.  This assembly controls the thermostat.

themostat pcb and cable assembly

In our pc board assembly area we do a lot of surface mount (SMT) assembly.  Here is one job for a SMT board manufactured to IPC 610 standard.  It will be installed into a handset.

SMT Assembly

We have been doing work for this particular company for a while.  They are in the particle business.  Their products help analyze data.  This  cable assembly is a thermistor that measures changes in temperature.  The wire on the end is the part that measures.

themistor cable assembly


We are also building cable assemblies for a power switch assembly for the same company.

Pinned Wires

cable assembly for power switch

A large multi-national organizational that is a leader in the Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) industry.  This particular assembly is a push button that will be installed in a cabinet enclosure that we are also building.  The cabinet will be used in the hospital industry where it will streamline daily processes and functions that take time away from customer care.

push button assembly

For the same customer and same industry, this electromechanical assembly contains both a pc board and cable assembly process, both of which were done here in our Pennsylvania facility.  This assembly is a tilt sensor that alerts you when the machine is off balance.


cable and pcb assembly

We are fascinated by the work that our clients do.  It is our business to understand all of the products that we manufacture.  This is just a sampling of this month’s work flow.  Which of the above listed items was most interesting to you?