PC Board Assembly Demonstration


Wave soldering is a process in which many parts on a PC board assembly can be soldered at one time.  It is a unique and interesting process that we  use at Electro Soft, Incorporated for our through-hole PC Board assemblies.

How Wave Soldering Works – In Layman’s Terms

1.  The board is checked to make sure that the components are secure and lined properly;

2.  The board runs over a foam flux which coats the bottom and legs of the board;

3.  After leaving the foam flux the board is heated in order to activate the flux, remove excess flux and in order to prevent thermal shock;

4.  Lastly, the board floats over a wave of solder which coats the legs of the components and, using a chimney effect, wicks the solder up to the bottom of the PC board, to the hole.

PC Board Assembly is just one of the capabilities as Electro Soft, Incorporated.  We offer both through hole and surface mount services.  All of our automated services are fascinating to watch.  The wave soldering machine is no exception.  Here is some video footage of our machine at work this morning:


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