7 Things to Consider When Selecting an AGV Components Partner

Why You Should Choose an Electronics Components Manufacturing Partner

As an AGV manufacturer, you have a lot on your plate when it comes to delivering robust, reliable autonomous vehicles. From the navigation system to the safety controls to the power and motion sensors, each mechanism that comprises an autonomous vehicle requires complex components and electromechanical assemblies.

That’s where an electronics manufacturer steps in. While your team pulls the heavy lifting on sleek design and advanced engineering, an electronics manufacturer can supply the necessary electronics components, creating greater efficiency and cost savings for you.

So, what are the top things you should consider when deciding if you should partner with an AGV components manufacturer?

Here’s our top list.


7 Things to Consider When Selecting an AGV Components Partner

1.     Proximity

If we’ve learned anything from the events of 2020-2021, it’s proximity to your suppliers matters. You want to have the ability to react quickly in times of product scarcity, and regional companies provide you with a little more agility when delivery time is a major factor.


2.     Specialized Equipment

What you’re really purchasing when you partner with an AGV component manufacturer is time and resources. When electromechanical assemblies are a primary deliverable from a company, they likely have the latest technology at their disposal. But always come prepared with a list of questions for anyone you may partner with to understand if they truly have advanced capabilities. For example, what equipment are they using? Is it well-maintained? How often do they upgrade? Are they prepared and equipped to grow with you as technology changes in the rapidly evolving AGV sector?


3.     Quality

Any electronics manufacturer you choose to partner with should be able to meet or exceed your quality standards. An ideal component supplier will have the latest certifications pertaining to electronics manufacturing with skilled operators who can take on your projects seamlessly from start to finish, troubleshooting on your behalf along the way.


4.     Supply Chain

We alluded to this when we discussed proximity, but having a robust, multi-source supply chain is critical when choosing a manufacturing partner. If the company building your AGV components has an established, reliable supply chain, they’ll be able to accurately forecast delivery, lower your cost, maintain quality, and mitigate risks by pivoting to a different supplier when necessary. Don’t be afraid to ask any potential manufacturing partner for information about their suppliers and contingency plans to put your mind at ease.


5.     ESD Control

When working with electronics, it’s crucial to protect your products for electrostatic discharge. Make sure that the company you choose to partner with knows proper protocols for control and mitigation of electrostatic discharge to ensure the safety and longevity of your projects. Some things to look for would be: anti-static table mats, ESD wrist straps, ESD storage bins, floor mats, metallized totes, clearly labeled ESD protected spaces, and specialized gear for operators.


6.     Flexibility

Some electronics manufacturers, like Electro Soft Inc., provide a try before you buy experience. We will build one assembly or component for you at no charge, if you supply the materials. You’ll then be able to fully inspect the product for quality assurance before moving forward with a partnership. This kind of flexibility is invaluable when choosing a supplier for your AGV electromechanical assemblies.


7.     Expertise

More than anything, you want to select a partner who knows the AGV industry. Because this is an industry that changes so quickly, partnering with an electronics manufacturer who has longevity in this space is key. Many manufacturers are jumping on board now that autonomous vehicles have seen exponential growth. But there are some companies who have been working on AGV components for more than 20 years – like Electro Soft.


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