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Our Latest Marketing Product

We are a company that believes in value.  That is why we were on a tireless search for the perfect giveaway for our clients and friends. Believe it or not, this is a microfiber cleaning cloth.  It has picture quality and actual cloth is amazing.  Use it to clean your monitors, cell phone screen, even […]

ESI Lighting Upgrade

  Thanks to an energy grant from the State of Pennsylvania, Electro Soft, Incorporated will be upgrading our lighting fixtures. Currently we are using old 8 foot flurescent lighting fixtures that are over 10 years old (at least). While the current lights still work well, LED provides better coverage at a lower price. As you […]

PC Board Assembly Demonstration

  Wave soldering is a process in which many parts on a PC board assembly can be soldered at one time.  It is a unique and interesting process that we  use at Electro Soft, Incorporated for our through-hole PC Board assemblies. How Wave Soldering Works – In Layman’s Terms 1.  The board is checked to […]